Product development and prototyping

Developing the customer's intended product from idea to prototyping and production. Typical product creation includes the following steps:

  • Precise presentation of ideas in the form of sketches, visualizations, performance parameters, overall mechancial engineering and design issues;

  • Exploration and compilation of conceptual solutions (feasibility study), which basically involves the selection of standard elements, identification of potential suppliers, sketching and description of basic assemblies and operating principles;

  • Building a 3D model to depict as completely as possible all the elements and components of the intended product (or equipment);

  • Preparation of drawings and technical documentation for manufacturing purposes;

  • Production and testing of a prototype;

  • Product performance improvement and serial production.

3D scanning

We use 3D scanning equipment and data processing software to:​

  • Chech quality for the products produced, such as the determination of the accuracy of the products, analysis of possible problems;

  • Determining the accuracy of technology used in production and offering solutions, for example, accuracy of a welding conductor;

  • Accurate dimensioning of complex shapes and assemblies.

Scanning works can be done both at the customer's manufacturing plant and at our office. After recording the inaccuracy of the product, the steps of production are analyzed and potential causes of inaccuracy are sought. If necessary, we develop potential solutions up to final physical object.

Design of automation and non-standard equipment

It is often necessary to automate production processes by automating both simple and non-standard operations, rebuilding existing or restoring obsolete equipment. Typical implementation of such projects include:

  • Detailed study of the necessary process / equipment operation, identification of the meaning of the problem;

  • Research, compilation and discussion of conceptual solutions;

  • Technical design development - precise 3D model and drawing drawings;

  • Equipment, assembly and service;

  • Testing and feedback.

Research of engineering problems

Each industry and product has its own specific features that dictate the specific solution and capabilities of the problem. It is easier to deal with such situations if there is a wide range of cross-industry experience and a range of contacts. Temeso offers such an opportunity by conducting technical research, consulting and willingly assisting in finding a partner that is capable of dealing with the issue most effectively.

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