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We offer a full cycle of aerial target service. 

Upon conversations with clients we discuss and decide on the specifics of needed service.  Meaning if needed we arrive with our transport and all necessary equipment at client decided location and time. We help to plan and to execute the flight and recovery operations.

UAV capabilities

We use in-house designed and manufactured UAV - Electro Raven. Electro Raven is easy to use, fast to assemble composite airframe electro drive UAV with various hatches for ease of access of internal compartments.

Standard setup of Electro Raven is: 

  • Wing span - 2m

  • Fuselage length - 1.8m

  • Electric drive

  • Launched by catapult

  • Parachute recovery

  • Max speed - 150 km/h

  • Flight endurance at cruise speed - at least 45 min.

  • Typical operation range - 5km 

  • MTOW - 15kg

  • Payload - 2kg

  • Payload compartment - 350x80x220mm

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