Our Projects

Portable lathe for large diameters

For the customer's needs, a portable inner diameter lathe was developed allowing to do various bore restoration works. The project was carried out in several stages by building prototypes and testing.

Seed tape manufacturing machine

Project resulted in the creation of a machine for the production of seed tape. The task required the development of a technological process for the production of tape, the development of the technical solution for each step and the synchronization of the overall operation of the equipment.

Autonomous scales with accounting function and wireless connection

Special scales with data tracking and wireless connectivity have been created to automatically supply weighing container information. The specificity of the target necessitated extensive testing under various uncontrolled operating conditions.

Design of mobile conveyor system

In the course of the work a technical project for the mobile conveyor system was developed. The system consists of track chassis with supporting structure, convertible booms with conveyors and a feeder unit.

Design and manufacture of manufacturing equipment

In the course of the work, the non-standard production equipment was reverse engineered and built to perform a technologically complex process. Temeso also installed and set up this machine.

Avio Simulator.jpg
Avio simulator

During the work in several stages a technical project was developed for the mechanical part of the solo type flight simulator. Particular attention was put on the accurate representation of elements from real aircraft.

Study of dry fog creation process

The process of the creation of dry mist was investigated and new conceptual technical solutions were proposed to increase the productivity of the process while maintaining the quality of the mist. Technical guidelines for the design of new equipment were developed.

Design of various steel structures

Design of various steel structures. Including platforms of various sizes, stairs, transitions, ramps and other constructions

Self sufficient pool cleaning robot

Analysing similar use robots found on the market, an advanced pool basin cleaning robot was built. The robot was equipped with an epoxy resin solar cell dome, as well as an automation system that allows the robot to navigate the pool area.

The design and manufacture of the weikpark equipment

According to the client's instructions, wakeboard system was designed, manufactured and installed.

Fiber laying machine for concrete floors

As a result of the work, a prototype of process simulation is designed for the chaotic orientation of steel fibers (reinforcement) when laying concrete floors. The project was implemented in cooperation with Riga Technical University.

Car body element development

Using 3D scanning, a car body element was created using original mounts. The developed model was used to create the technological forms of composite materials needed for batch production.

Equipment for the production of heat from compost.

During the project, processes for proper composting process were studied, several possible technological solutions for energy storage and constructive solutions were discussed. Following the customer's stated end-user needs, a technical project was developed.

Flight simulator Desktop yoke

In close cooperation with client a desktop yoke was developed for flight simulator. Project included several stages from prototyping till final product.

Diamond synthesis machine

Within the framework of the project, the mechanical and electrical part of the diamond synthesis equipment was redesigned, technological data were collected.