What is 3D scanning?

Collection of information (object measurement) that allows to obtain a duplicate of object shape in digital form. The resulting 3D model can be modified in special computer program, it can be transformed, resized and all damages that are on real object can be fixed. It can be used for making exact or transformed copies of object can be made using 3D printing or CNC milling technology.

What for 3d scanning can be used?

  • Reverse engineering – It is possible to reproduce complex shaped parts that cannot be measured by conventional measuring methods or technical documentation of the part are not preserved;

  • Car restoration;

  • Production of automotive parts according to the customer’s wishes while keeping the car’s original mounting points and shape lines;

  • Handmade joinery objects adjustment for production with CNC milling;

  • Digitization and reproduction of sculptures;

  • 3d scanning of human body (medicine, souvenirs, gifts, wedding cake figures, fashion, etc.);

  • Quality control of manufactured products, such as the determination of the accuracy of the products.

Sizing of conlpex shapes

Reverse engineering

Product digitalization

Restoration of car body parts

Quality control

What kind of scanner do we use and what are its capabilities?

We use the professional Artec Eva light scanner, which allows to obtain a textured object model with an accuracy of 0,1 mm. Artec Eva can scan parts ranging from 10x10x10 (cm) up to 400x400x400 (cm). Scanning can be done both at location and in our office.

What kind of projects have we performed using 3D scanning?

Car body element development

Using 3D scanning, a car body element was created using original mounts. The developed model was used to create the technological forms of composite materials needed for batch production.

Airplane body scanning and modification

The body of airplane was scanned and remodeled so that new parts could be made.

Modeling a complex shaped part using 3D scanning

Parts that are difficult to measure with traditional measurement techniques were modeled using 3D scanning.

Motorcycle protective frame development

A motorcycle protective frame was developed using scanned motorcycle data to ensure the accuracy of the connection points.

Car air filter flow channel development

The sports car's engine compartment was scanned to create an air filter flow channel that can be inserted into the free space of the engine compartment.

3D scanning of engine hood

The hood of the car was scanned to customize the hood's design, retaining the original dimensions and mounting points.

3D scanning of wooden parts

Hand-crafted wooden parts were scanned to obtain a digital 3D model that can be used for CNC milling.

Retro Audi Scan.png
Full retro (Audi) car 3D scan

A retro car was 3D scanned to make measurements and find out how much the car has been deformed over time.

3D scanning of control lever

An aircraft control lever was scanned and modeled to make a new part using 3D printing technology

BMW Scan.png
Scanning of the car body part and development of the model 

The car body part was modeled using 3D scanning. All damaged surfaces were remodeled to get an even surface for purpose of composite manufacturing.

Modeling a car panel using 3D scanning

Car panel was modeled using 3D scanning, which helps ensure the accuracy of the connection points.

Mercedes scan.png
Full Mercedes Benz body 3D scan

A full car was scanned, a 3D model was obtained, and a small copy of the car was made with 3D printing technology.

Scanning of the canoe boat

A canoe boat was scanned and modeled to make changes in the model and to make it easier to produce a new boat.